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We are upbeat about academic intelligence, self discovery and personal development, critical thinking, productivity and efficiency, career guide, success hack, and basic life ethics.

What we do

Academic Intelligence

Learning was never meant to be boring. Unfortunately, it is a humdrum routine for many students. Most students learn with frustration  rather than enjoying learning. We teach simple, practical hacks and tricks that make learning easy, fun and fulfilling.

Self-Discovery & Potential Unravelling

Drawing on our vast research and experiences, we believe every mind is a genius. We know, however, that only a few is discovered, a fewer uncovered and the least unleashed. We take students hand-in-hand through the self discovery journey.

Critical Thinking & Creativity

The labour market and the complex 21st century have an uncompromising demand for smart thinkers and creative minds. Fortify yourself with this demanded skill and head for the sky.

Career Guide

Our series of lessons are designed to train learners to discover and create business opportunities. Whilst bearing in mind that not every child has the zeal to live the enervating life of an entrepreneur, we give every child and option that suits their passion, strength and dream life.

Our Focus

Secondary/High Schools





What People are Saying

suit and tie official

I’ve been privileged to benefit from different personal efficiency training classes. Nevertheless, I remained alternately in and out of my comfort zone. But now, I’ve been made to see reasons which will always propel me to move beyond this zone after I joined ‘Unleashing Your Genius Personal Development Class’.

Adegbindin Adnan Ajasa

Award-winning essayist

Barely a year ago, this very respectful man organised a life changing mentoring session at the University of Ilorin, tagged: “Unleashing Your Genius Personal Development Class”. I must be faithful to you, this class changed a lot of things in my life: being convinced that I am a genius, roadmap to having a productive day, goal setting and goal getting hacks, plus my ability to answer the simplest and, at the same time, most difficult question in the world, “Who Am I?” You think that question is simple? Now I put it to you : WHO ARE YOU?

Uthman Naheem

CEO, Hassle-free Data Service.

In of one the sessions, I learned that, “If you want to be successful, you should do one of these things: find a value to offer or a problem to solve”. I don’t think I’ll forget that anytime soon.

Abdullah Basira

Head Girl, Wamy International Secondary School (18/19)

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